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Brown Willy

By Dave Speake

1st January 2012

The year starts off with a race that is different in that it’s not a race but a marshalled run (even though there are men and ladies 1st place trophies). I was not hung-over with festive energy drink and drove up to Jamaica Inn in time to be guided onto the over flow car park. Wheel spinning cars stuck in the mud! Kind hearted runners did a warm up by pushing my car back onto the tarmac and I found a better space elsewhere. Our cash was dropped into the charity bucket and the form was signed and ticked as “out” so we runners could venture onto the moor when the start horn went off.

A big crowd surged forward down the road towards the moor before the first climb up past Tolborough Tor and onto Brown Willy. Bog and mud with climbs over stiles and streams meant the going was interesting. As I approached the foot of Brown Willy, Dan Nash was sprinting the other way to take his first win of the year. Up and at the top was clear and quite mild for the time of year.

It was a fab day. On the descent there was a group collecting together who were running onto Roughtor turning the 7 miles into 10. I joined them and managed to climb up to the second highest Cornish peak in one piece and onto Showery Tor. Doug (Sherpa) Alsop chose the route back which meant crossing through a thigh deep stream. Diane Roy couldn’t avoid slipping and took a bit of a dip. We then re-joined the race route and finished back at the Inn for a quick change in the car park. Remembering to sign back “in” was then topped off with a pint of Jail Ale and the Brown Willy challenge was done. Now onto clean the trail trainers. Congratulations went to Isobel Wicks who had won the ladies first place prize. Would I do it again? Definitely. As Mark Owen said after finishing the run, “If Carlsberg did runs, Brown Willy would be one of them, just brilliant