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CFRS (Lanhydrock) Half Marathon

By Will Hancock

26th February 2011

Being a Bodmin lad this race is something of a novelty in that (a) I can walk to the start and (b) I know the course really well, with regular training runs in the area. Many people might regard the latter as an advantage. But I always see prior knowledge as a disadvantage, knowing every undulation that awaits!

This year 248 runners rose to the challenge and were set on their way with the sound of the Fire Brigade's sirens. The race being in aid of fire-fighters and other charities. The first mile is fast and on road, so I managed to keep the front runners in sight until at least this point. Thereafter the route joins the SUSTRANS cycleway for a further mile or so before entering the beautiful surroundings of Lanhydrock, the reason many choose to run this race.

The race whilst beautiful might also be described as brutal! The next 10 miles seeing a series of loops around the park and woodland, mainly on trails of varying rough and muddiness and plenty of hills along the way. Although there are several loops it does not feel excessively convoluted, as you don't very often see a bit you've already run on. Being from an off road/orienteering background this tends to play to my strengths (I am not a good road runner!) and it felt good to be able to blast down the hills and overtake a few people in the muddier sections. What the race also showed me is that I am not fast uphill, and on some occasions I overtook someone on a downhill leg before being overtaken again on the next uphill. Hmmm, I think I need to do some hill reps!

Anyway the race seemed to pass in a blur and in seemingly no time I was retracing the outward mile back to the finish. Surprisingly for the first time in a Half I did not crash at about 10 miles and have that horrible feeling of getting slower and slower. I think this stems from all the tough training with the fast boys since I joined STARC, so big thanks! There was the added bonus of free sports massage at the end, which with the assortment on tormented bodies on show would have been extremely welcomed! Hope to see more of you along to this one next year, maybe it'll feature in the MT GP series?. And well done to all the other STARC runners who took part, some great running performances there.

St Austell Results

Pos. Time Name Pace
11 01:31:48 Nigel Doyle 07:00.3
12 01:32:25 Laurie Lee 07:03.2
19 01:36:44 William Hancock 07:22.9
29 01:38:29 Jason Penprase 07:30.9
46 01:43:16 Kennetch Brown 07:52.8
49 01:43:34 Kayleigh Newstead 07:54.2
75 01:50:19 Matthew Grose 08:25.1
79 01:51:06 Deb Grills 08:28.7