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Indian Queens Half Marathon 2012 - My View (from the rear)

By Hilary Nicholas

5th August 2012

Trying to avoid eye contact with Paul Bullock didn’t work this time, I’ve ended up having the race report to write!!!

I’d entered late having the usual negative thoughts can I do it?, can’t I do it? I had heard through the grapevine that some of my running companions were doing it, so why not, what’s the worst that can happen?

Sunday 5th arrived after much hydrating and pasta eating, the usual Cornish Sunshine was falling out of the sky. I had been given the honour of being allowed to eat some of Stuart’s special home-made triathlete ‘go faster’ muesli (it looks like Guinea pig food !) After arriving at the Indian Queens social club, it seemed I didn’t have a race number (phew, a reprieve!) Fortunately for me, Doug magically appeared with a spare one, my lucky day!

After much nervous chatting and giggling it was time for the team photo, we were summoned under now blue skies, thinking that it surely couldn’t last. There were a few ‘debutantes’ as Paul says, I only knew of Nic Hoar and Sue Butler (who has been quietly building up miles on her own with her husband accompanying her on his bike at weekends). We made our way up to the start, all the usual people were at the front and our huddle at the back chitter-chatting away, Charmaine was there with her usual stock of gels and sweets to get through the awaiting 13.1 miles while Hannah Adams & Emma Watkins were eyeing up their new caffeine-charged purchases from ‘Andy’s Shop’.

We were off! My Garmin bleeped into life with the rest of them as we started the downhill opening section (my Garmin showed we were 16 seconds behind the start line; so I was taking that from my finish time!) I managed to stick to the plan of not shooting off like a lunatic and collapsing around the first corner where no one could see!

This was just as well as a certain Mr Wyatt was there with his camera, I was all smiles for this one! On we went, all going to plan (sorry Sue!) Nic and I went on ahead, up to the first drink station and again Terry was lurking with his camera! At last on to the trail with 10 miles to go and on we went. Despite having a sore foot Nic was pulling away, I managed to drop back without her noticing, I was now on my own. As promised, at mile 6 the leaders were on the way back in the opposite direction, it was all yellow and green (where were the purple and golds?) Then Stuart came along with a high 5 as we went our different ways, Duncan and Tim were not too far behind, it was good to see everyone charging along with smiles, winks and nods (all signs of encouragement, thanks chaps it worked!) Mandy & Geoff were also there en-route encouraging us all on, up to the kennels. I was gaining on people! ... Not to be disappointed, at the top of the hill Terry was there with his camera alongside Geraldine & Danni, who were waving the STARC flag with gusto! It was back down to moor, I felt that I was now heading back.

It was getting hot and a downpour would have been most welcome. When I got to mile 10 (with Nic in my sights) Stu popped up to come and help, needless to say there was no walking for me!

Up the hill and past the mile 12 marker, around the corner and there he was, that man and his camera (great photo’s as usual Terry), the last mile up to the finish line proved to be the hardest and the longest of them all.

I had been told that the course was fairly un-undulating, but good for a fast time or a novice. I was impressed by the band, inflatable crocodiles and the stray tiger can’t say the same about the cows! I had met some interesting people, including a Hayle runner attempting 12 half-marathons in 10 months to raise money for a heart charity,

I am proud to say that I finished my second half-marathon with a 9 minute PB. It was back home for a quick change and off to the summer/monsoon barbie at Tremodrett!

Enough of me, here are the results:-

Ladies team 3rd - Emma Murray, Deb Grills, Louise Powell, Melissa Rowe, Kerrie Manship & Joanna Harper.
Marilyn Mitchell with best for age, Sue Mellis & Emma Murray both 3rd in their respective age catagories.
Mens team 4th –Stuart Nicholas, Duncan Oakes, Tim Adams, Anthony Jarvis, Laurie Lee & Malcom Roberts.
Doug Alsop best for age, Malcolm Roberts 2nd & Laurie Lee 3rd in their respective age catagories.

Well done everybody, if I’ve missed anyone apologies and a big thank you to our faithful supporters and those who come back and encourage after they have actually finished their race it is appreciated.