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Newquay 10K 2012

By David Speak

11th Oct 2012

Before this race, Stuart Nicholas, posted "Good luck everyone! I will be doing Wadebridge Tri so will not be at Newquay unfortunately, however it does mean a team place is up for grabs! No fighting, just let your racing do the talking."

I got to thinking it would need a few more to drop out before I would be in contention for a coveted 1st Men’s Team place but what an interesting day it turned out to be. Not only was the forecast of terrible weather incorrect but also STARC runners did indeed let their racing do the talking by turning out in force with a long list of 10 K PB’s.

Having checked out where the essential toilets and the finish line sprint was placed I did, like most, a warm up and then bunched in with everyone behind the starting line. Darren Varker had to sprint to the starting line for his warm up as he was a tad behind schedule and then an official starter fired the gun. We were off.

My game plan was to go hard at the start on this one and then the rest of the race will take care of itself and I would bag a PB. At this point in the season you know who runs around your own pace and the faces are the familiar ones you’ve raced through the season. The exception was perhaps at the front of the Men’s STARC team with race debuts for 5th finisher Tom Joyce and Jez Mancer who both beat Stuart Nicholas’ time for a 10K. Duncan Oakes beat Stuarts PB too. Oh and Stephen Hands beat it too. Sorry Stuart but you did put it out there and if you did run you may have made the men’s team yourself. Hehe. The Men’s team finished second overall with Darren Varker and Jamie Youlden making up the six behind usual GP winners Cornwall AC. By the way Stu, I didn’t even make the Men’s B team. Why do I bother with the GP at all? Oh yeah, the Jim’ll Fix it badge at the end. Now then, now then.

The ladies team came sixth overall, headed up by Lucy Mancer being the 6th lady home and the rest of the team comprising of Melissa Moriarty, Rachel Waters, Marie Blackbeard, Georgina Speake and Susan Mellis. Yes, finally a Speake in the 1st team. Yay.

Special congratulations go to Lucy Mancer who won Female V35-39 category, Susan Mellis for her 2nd place Female V60-64 category, Jez Mancer and Stephen Hands for 1st and 2nd in Male V40-44 category, Malcolm Roberts for 1st place Male V55-59 and Doug Alsop for 1st Male V60-64.

Here come the PB’s, and very well done to you all especially if it was your first 10K for the club:-

Cat Name Time
M0JOYCE, Tom0:34:02
M40MANCER, Jez0:35:12
M45OAKES, Duncan0:36:08
M40HANDS, Stephen0:36:16
M40VARKER, Darren0:37:22
M0YOULDEN, Jamie0:38:11
M50LEE, Laurie0:38:54
M40JARVIS, Antony0:39:14
M40ADAMS, Tim0:39:19
M45WHERRY, Alan0:40:13
F35MANCER, Lucy0:40:18
M40STEPHENS, Darren0:43:11
M40SPEAKE, David0:43:38
M0 TALEN, Patrick0:44:29
M40SQUIRE, Darren0:46:34
M50MOORE, Eric0:47:48
M40JANE, Gary0:49:37
M45LAWRANCE, Russell0:49:46
F40MORIARTY, Melissa0:50:04
F45WATERS, Rachel0:50:18
M60TEVERSON, Robin0:50:21
M0HILLIPS, Chris0:51:01
M0ROWETT, Gareth0:51:01
F45BLACKBEARD, Marie0:51:28
F35SPEAKE, Georgina0:52:25
F60MELLIS, Susan0:52:47
F0BULLOCK, Katie0:52:53
M60ENDEAN, Dave0:53:06
M0TRUSCOTT, Neil0:53:18
F0NADAUD, Julia0:53:44
M45BUDGE, Andrew0:54:14
F0PAYNE, Holly0:55:08
F0HOUSE, Rebecca0:55:09
F35MOORE, Michelle0:55:25
F40JAMES, Becky0:56:48
F35MCCOLL, Charlote0:58:22
F40WATKINS, Emma0:58:52
F0HUGHES, Kirsty1:00:55
F40SCRACE, Charmaine1:01:22
F45TALBOT, Bev1:01:23
F35ADAMS, Hannah1:02:41
F35JAY, Nadia1:04:06
M40HAMBLY, Darren1:04:07
F0PATEMAN, Gemma1:04:48
M50WYATT, Terry1:05:01