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Sticker 5

By Katie Bullock

16th June 2012

Well the usual Sticker weather didn’t disappoint this year!! A few problems in the week made work for organisers very difficult this year. With the marquee blowing away and taking the electric line with it and causing a power cut in Sticker, things were not going well. Thankfully the truck saved the day so at least registration was sheltered. As the wind and rain came hurtling in all day at Sticker things were still not looking good.

Thankfully it calmed down just in time and made for excellent running conditions.

The children’s fun run had a great turnout with 102 children taking part. Well done to all of the STARC kiddies for some excellent runs. Think the parents were finding it hard to keep up in places. And yes it was only 1 mile Steve Martin!!!!

The main race got underway bang on time. As the runners swept down through the village, we all knew the only way was up when you reached Chapel Hill. At least when you are up there, there is some good running ground for the next couple of miles, before the last mile joys of more hills. It seems that a couple of horses managed to join in the race half way through having escaped from their field. Thankfully no one got hurt, thin that’s why so many got PB’s. As we approached Sticker woods there was a big commotion at the water station with Geoff Bazeley and the girl guides doing a fine job of giving out water and encouraging the runners on! Brilliant. They even had time for a water fight which I think Geoff ended up a lot worse off. The last mile and a half are always going to hurt but the welcome sight of the football club was soon upon us with Liz Wyatt in a lovely position at the finish line to capture the lovely photos. Bet there are some good ones!! I hope Melissa found her vest that flew off at the finish, must have been running to fast!!!!

Some excellent performances from STARC runners. We also managed to win the most entries prize. Great stuff!! Well done the men’s team who came 2nd consisting of Steven Hands, Stuart Nicholas, Jamie Youldon, Darren Varker, Simon Williams and Duncan Oakes. Well done to Duncan who only managed to stagger out of L2 nightclub at 2am the previous morning, hope you don’t do that next week for your 100 miler!!

Category winners were : Emma Murray 3rd FV45, Sue Mellis 3rd FV60 and Marilyn Mitchell 1st FV65, Stephen Hands 1st MV40 and Malcolm Roberts 2nd MV55.

A special mention to those who got PB’s on the course and 5 mile PB’s. I am sure I will miss people out but well done to everyone. Those who I do know about were Becky James 4 minutes quicker, Emma Watkins 6 and half minutes quicker, Paddy Talen, Alison Talen, Nic Hoar and Georgina Speake. I am sure there are loads more so sorry for not mentioning you all individually.

The evening’s entertainment didn’t disappoint as usual with some great and not so great Karaoke attempts. The Karaoke star of the evening was without doubt STARC ladies, oh and David Speake who managed to win the trophy. Very entertaining indeed. X factor next stop I think!!! I am certain there were a few sore heads in the morning with a bottle and a half of Jagermeister being drunk in the last hour alone!!! We are meant to be a running club!!!!

Well Done to everyone involved was a great run and great evening with fab marshals. Thats 7 GP’s down 7 to go!!!!