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Summer Turkey Trot

By Sturart Nicholas

11th July 2012


Wind, dark clouds threatening, and a bunch of nutcases... or runners, highly tuned athletes, machines, whichever you prefer. A lot of us. All huddled up in the road before Dave Buzza of CAC shouted at us and then shot a passing bird with a noisy pretend gun. (Turned out that signified the start)

So, all the training, carbo loading, nervousness and PRP’s (Pre race poo’s) came together. The fast but by no means flat 4 miles running through Redruth and both starting and finishing at ‘Tricky Dickies’, was underway.

After the start and turning left, we all came thundering along and down a whacking great hill. At this point I could see the eventual winner Peter Le Grice (Mounts Bay Harriers) pulling away. After that and trying to keep up with the emerging force of Mile High, I figured I should stop trying to keep up with people who are usually much faster than me, and run my own race, and to see what happens.

After a while, we ran through a residential area in Redruth, back on the main eastbound street (for some of the afore mentioned nutcases/runners, the next two miles are recognisable as the last two miles in the Duchy marathon and 20.)

So, we arrive at mile three. A roundabout is in sight (the same one you have to do a U turn on to get to Tricky’s if travelling from Snoz) and you know the end is near, even if it does mean racing up a hill when breathing out of your arse. Up the hill, down again and you take the left turn to Tricky’s. Another slight incline (where I took the opportunity to pass CAC’s Adrian Ball :o) ) onto the start/finish gantry (which is great for spectators watching the sprint finishes) and on to the feast of banana’s, water, Milky Way’s, Snickers, Bounty’s and Mars bars. And if you’ve really pushed it, a chance to watch the stars in your eyes slowly fading out of view, and reality hits. ITS OVER!

Many STARC members in attendance, all with a smile (afterwards) and eager to join the queue for the Hog Roast and of course, the bar.

Moving on to PB’s and prizes (to name a few):

Katie Bullock: 80 seconds, Emma Watkins: 3 minutes, Paddy Vander Talen: 4 mins, Simon Williams 89 seconds, Tom Howell: 26 seconds, Me: can’t remember to save my life, but my time was in the low 23 minutes.

CAT Prizes (Meow)

Sue Mellis: 2nd 60-64, Marilyn Mitchell: 1st 65-69>
Stephen Hands 1st 40-44, Malcolm Roberts 2nd 55 -59

A special mention goes towards Sam Adams (Son of Tim and Hannah), finished in 30:10 seconds, a respectable time for a young lad of 14. One to watch!

And now for something completely different.... ‘The Magnificent Seven!’

Run, strong, safe, and injury free.