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Trevornick 10

By Doug Alsop

15th April 2012

After a rain soaked Saturday it was a relief when Sunday dawned bright and clear and 29 STARC runners plus supporters packed their buckets and spades and headed for the beach. The wind was cold but nothing like as strong as last year when it blew Phil Lean off his feet. At registration Phil had a determined look on his face and was there settle the score. Despite the horror stories circulating there were a few who were doing this race for the first time and they were looking a bit apprehensive. Paul had only just arrived home from Holiday at 5:00am and was looking tanned, Russell Lawrance was eventually coaxed out of the toilets into the cold for the team photo and we were ready for the off.

The course was in great condition and the views excellent but you do get the impression that it was designed by the Grand old Duke of York. Someone said “you keep running up hills” but they had to be corrected – You keep running up the same hill, from every conceivable direction. This is however great for the spectators and supporters. From the runners perspective you believe they have covered loads of ground to keep seeing you and cheering you on , in truth they have moved just a few yards but even so it is great to have that support and as ever St. Austell were encouraged all round the course.

Half way round when we were just getting ready for the traditional beach run “Eh! What’s this – The tides in – swimming? Oh no “lets run up that hill again, just for a laugh. Hmmm.

All clubs were somewhat depleted of runners with this event being the week before London but St. Austell still managed to finish two complete Mens and Womens Teams with the Ladies and Mens A teams both finishing second the Mens B team first and the Ladies B team second, a great result.

Luckily all the St. Austell runners finished without mishap which is no mean fete on a course that is so tricky underfoot with adverse cambers and loads of rabbit holes. St. Austell was well represented at the presentation as in addition to the team prizes quite a few individual category prizes were won.

Ladies : Shirley Cairney, Deb Grills, Rachel Builder, Lisa Jones, Julia Nadaud and Helen Stuthridge

Men : Duncan Oakes, Simon Williams, Tim Adams, Jamie Youlden, Tom Howell and Will Hancock

Also individual castagory prizes went to Doug Alsop, Duncan Oakes and Marilyn Mitchell who all came first in their catagory, with Tim Adams and Malcolm Roberts getting second in theirs and Shirley Cairney third in her catagory.