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An Res Hellys Race Report

By Claire Budge

26 March 2013

No 5 of the Cornish Grand Prix, 10 to go and the first decision of the day 'WHAT TO WEAR!!!!!!' , yes, I was thinking, its gonna have to be long sleeves , gloves and neck wear, again!!!! When is this weather gonna warm up so we can get out the vests and tshirts???

With the family Budge in tow , we make our way to helston to the new start and finish at the Cattle Market, proper posh one too, I was expecting an old shack with cattle, well, there were plenty of cattle,(cheeky!)!!!

No jane fonda warm up this week, but a couplt laps of the duck pond warmed us up, as we progressed to the start.

My race strategy of the day is to try to keep up with newquay runner 'Martin', a fellow runner whom in previous races I always seemed to be 600 yards or so behind.

The race begins a flat start, Andy Budge has the camera clicking a quarter mile in and again at mile 2ish, it was a sunday off for him after a gruelling 20 miler the day before!

At mile 2 as the race does a horseshoe bend I can see the faster STARCERS ascending the stony path the other side of the water, I hail my fellow runners with my subtle shouts of 'Come On St Austell!!' Alittle further on just before dragging myself across the beach I see Doug encouraging us as we go by, telling me 'im 6th in the ladies team... just... keep.. running... clairey!

'Martin is in my sights as is GeorginaSpeake, Rachel Waters, and PhilLean as we cross the beach and make our way up the cliff path, a nice dry one at that!!

Mile 4, and I have finally caught 'martin' up,i struck up a conversation with him letting him know of my tactics, which he didn't seem to mind. A quick look at the garmin, and, oh my god we're running at my tempo pace, making use of the downhill he says! This burst of speed enabled me to catch up georgina, and from 5 miles on it was a case of getting to the finish. As we neared the finish georgina had a good 100 yards on me and I didn't have much left in me to close the gap, what a lovely finish it was though, downhill!!!

Great support from mr and mrs Alsop, Mandy Bates, Family Marshall,Family Adams and Family Budge (love you guys.x) in the cold conditions, even my gloves stayed on!!! And so endeth the race, as we made our way back to base, in comes to the finish line Geoff Bate and Debbie Marshall, Sue Mellis and dave, closely followed by Danni Walker and Ali Talen - way to go ladies!!!!

More treats came at base where there was a picnic of treats and cakes on the STARC table baked by Deb Marshalls girls, Ali Talen, Nic Hoar (have I missed anyone??) Thanks ladies..

All in All a great morning and some fantastic running , results are to my knowledge:

There were PBs made out on course today but these can not be taken into account as it is not a measured 10 mile race and its a new course, sorry.x

St Austell Mens Team came in 2nd, Jez Mancer was 4th man home,and first man home in his age category, Laurie Lee 2nd in over 50, Malcom Roberts came 3rd over 55.

Lucy Mancer was 2nd lady home and in her age group, Sue Mellis was 1st in the over 60s and Maggie came 3rd in over 60s... Well Done All!!!!!!!