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Cubert 5 Race Report

By Nadia Jay

7th June 2013

Just over 6 weeks ago I completed my first marathon. On my return I felt invincible and lapped up the praise and then I returned to the club for my first run and came back down to earth with an almighty bump! I used to run quite comfortably in the 10-11 min mile group but the first run back and I definitely didn’t feel comfortable with the pace and really struggled with hills, I felt so awful I ended the night in tears!

A few club runs later and reassurance that what I was feeling was perfectly normal after a marathon, I began to feel a little better but the thought of entering a race filled me with dread but you STARCIES are a persistent bunch and before I knew it Bev Talbot was writing my name on the Cubert entry list! I still wasn’t keen as knew my pace was well off last years but there was a decent goodie bag last year so if nothing else hopefully get something nice at the end of it.

The evening arrived and what a scorcher it was, the lovely weather brought out lots of people – the fun runs were being held when I arrived and it was great to see so many kids and their families enjoying the evening too. Whilst waiting at the start I felt a little better, especially when I realised there were three ladies from run/walk who were running, yet had never run more than 3 miles before – Patricia Harvey, Michelle Dunn and Rebecca Roach - they were perfectly entitled to be nervous, I was just being silly.

593 runners (70 STARC) waited in the street to be walked up to the start and as usual the sound of the starting pistol nearly gave me a heart attack! We set off and Hilary Nicholas very kindly kept me in her sights as she knew I was nervous but as is usually the case, once I started the nerves disappeared. Cubert is known as a fast race and despite my best intentions I started quickly, a 9.30 for the 1st mile and similar pace at mile 2 – for a moment I thought I might be able to keep this up, then quickly realised I couldn’t!

The first lap seemed to come round quickly and the drinks station was a welcome sight, the lad dressed in the Morph suit made me smile. The hardest section to run is the incline past the drinks station so it helped having the STARC supporters there as I was tempted to walk until I saw them. Knowing that part of the course hasn’t got to be run again was a great feeling and I trundled on at a steady pace.

Just after 4 miles Darren Hambly caught me up and once we hit the next incline he edged away, I tried to keep up but my fast start was taking its toll, I did however still have something left for a sprint finish at the end. I wasn’t sure if there was anyone close behind me and didn’t want to be pipped at the post so gave it my all.

I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me to enter. Despite my concerns about having lost my pace I finished in 51.01 which was only 14 secs slower than last year – I was expecting to be minutes off my best not seconds so this has given me a massive boost in confidence.

Well done to everyone that ran and to anyone who ran a PB but especially to the ladies who I mentioned earlier and to Chris Dowrick, Ruth Simmons, Lorna Hogg and Tim Hogg who all ran in club colours for the first time.

Prizes went to Sue Mellis (1st) and Maggie Tagney (3rd) in age group, Jez Mancer (1st) and Darren Varker (3rd) in age group, Stephen Hands (3rd) in age group. Mens Team 3rd and Ladies Team 5th.