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Stormforce 10

By Stuart Nicholas

19th Jan 2014

Sunday 19th January 2014 was the date the 2014 Cornish Road Running Grand Prix kicked off. Everyone seems a little tetchy at Stormforce, simply because it is the grand opener. Who’s upped their training? Coming back from injury? Any newcomers? We simply DON’T KNOW.

After the less than desirable start to the weather front in January, we were quite fortunate as the day started with only a frosted over windscreen and a crisp morning sun and barely a gust of wind.

So after arriving early to do a few miles warm up in lieu of London prep, numbers dished out, toilets visited and shoelaces tied, the ever prominent question of what to wear springs. Gloves? No gloves. Base layer? Naah. Shorts and vest it is then!

Further warm up of a light jog up to the finish line (and a final wee down a ‘wee’ small lane) and catching up with rivals of old and new, it was time to huddle up and wait for the claxon. After the safety brief (mind the cows, speed bumps etc) the asthmatic hooter wheezed. We were off. Being a downhill start it was difficult to gauge effort and speed, so the theme of the unknown continues.

Mile 1 marker – at the bottom of the the first hill. Bugger, forgot about this one. Apologising to Jez as I may have omitted this minor detail in describing the route, his response was ‘B****rd, that’s 10 extra burpee’s at bootcamp tomorrow for you’ – which is fair enough. We tussle for position over the next few miles, until the next lumpy bit at around mile 4.

Jez dropped me on the hill. On my own. Headstrong and stubbornness now kicks in. Don’t slow down. To the brow of the hill, to take a left hand turn down a hard packed gravel lane, with some puddles in deep enough for hippos to bathe in. Avoid them Stu, a wet foot would be annoying. SPLASH! (not the rubbish Tom Daley programme) oh sod it, the racing line is the racing line, regardless of dampness.

A few undulations between 4 – 8 miles, but nothing of note. Now the first two miles are also the last, so remember the fast downhill i spoke of earlier? Up that. Er....yeah. Not nice. To the top and down the hill, through the housing estate, sharp turn in the playground and sprint finish to the line. Sprint finish it was, pipped by one second by my age cat rival.

But on the upside, the clock was reading 58.57, my fastest ten mile time yet. Happy Days! The rain did hold off, but unfortunately some runners did get rained on. But hell, why make it easy?! A good day was had by STARC, with many personal bests and the following prizes were awarded: Ladies - Age Category Prizes - 1st Emma Murray 2nd - Sue Mellis, 3rd - Jessica Buscombe & Lisa Player. Mens - Jez Mancer 3rd Male overall - Age Category Prizes - 1st - Malcolm Roberts, 2nd - Jez Mancer, Jamie Youlden, Laurie Lee, Doug Alsop. 3rd Men's Team – Jez Mancer, Stuart Nicholas, Jamie Youlden, Stephen Hands, Phil Montgomery-Smith & Anthony Jarvis, ladies may have picked up a cheeky 4th place spot but awaiting confirmation from Doug. Great running guys and well done to our race debutants.