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Helston Sprint Triathlon

By Dave Speake

27th May 2012

This was to be my first triathlon resulting from a few months of training under the coaching eye of Richard Duane.

Weather on the day was bright and dry and temperatures were to heat up as the day went on. Having such a poor swimming background I had been given the earliest start of all the St Austell Triathletes. Marilyn registered with me and I got the marker pen treatment of the number “50” to my arm and leg. This was still visible at Cubert two days later to my embarrassment. Mike Crane was at hand to give some on the spot advice in setting up my transition area which proved most useful. Lisa and Gary Player had joined the huge queue to register as I entered the pool area to await my roll call.

I wanted a relaxed 400 m pool swim with no anxiety and achieved it. That said, my time wasn’t too hot. Taryn Montgomery-Smith managed a better swim time than I and she used breast stroke where I was front crawl. Hey, I used to be even slower.

T1 went well. I shouted a quick, “look Matt, I’m barefoot running” and hopped onto the bike. This bike was purchased only a few months ago from Pavé Velo bike shop in St Austell with this first triathlon in mind. It had taken a while to get all the bits and pieces together that I wanted for this race. Here I finally was and the 16 mile bike stage was a brilliant experience for me. The race situation pushed me faster than any previous training on the bike. Adrenaline…. Love it. I overtook a few cyclists on the way. This is always good for morale.

Barefoot through T2 but the bike didn’t want to rack straightaway. I was heckled support from Richard and Darren. I stayed calm. The running shoes went on and so started the 3.5 mile run. It took about a kilometre to feel that my legs were mine again. Matt cycled past me and got sent the wrong way somewhere along the circuit. As the sun kicked out some heat, I followed a course direction arrow down a dead end. It turns out Lisa and Stuart suffered a similar fate on their runs too.

I loved the finish area. I sprinted over the final field and under the inflatable finish arch to the massage and nutrition tents. It was fun watching our triathletes complete the course. Richard hadn’t made it to his bike with an injury up the steps towards T1. Ken Brown looked energetic as he finished and Matt thought he’d lost his pants in T1. Dirty porpoise! Darren’s bike turned into a bucking bronco on his way towards T2 and met Mr Tarmac. Marilyn was nature watching during her time trial. Richard……..DNF

In the awards ceremony, St Austell picked up trinkets in the form of Lisa Player 2nd place in her age category and Marilyn Mitchell 1st place age cat and a guest appearance on Springwatch.

Name Total Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
Stuart Nicholas 01:16:48 00:07:21 00:01:19 00:44:41 00:01:01 00:22:25
Garry Player 01:20:02 00:08:50 00:01:13 00:44:18 00:01:12 00:24:27
Ken Brown 01:20:28 00:08:36 00:01:20 00:46:09 00:01:06 00:23:15
Matt Nicholas 01:22:10 00:08:14 00:01:35 00:49:50 00:00:50 00:21:39
Darren Stephens 01:26:52 00:08:27 00:01:13 00:51:50 00:01:03 00:24:17
Lisa Player 01:27:09 00:09:27 00:01:10 00:48:37 00:01:11 00:26:42
Michael Crane 01:27:42 00:10:30 00:00:59 00:48:14 00:01:02 00:26:56
Dave Speake 01:30:34 00:10:35 00:01:20 00:52:36 00:01:11 00:24:50
Marilyn Mitchell 01:49:41 00:12:38 00:01:30 01:02:28 00:01:17 00:31:46