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Liskeard Tri

By Darren Stevens

13th May 2012

The second race of the Cornwall Tri series was upon us and we were once again blessed with some gorgeous sunny weather which fitted nicely in between all the rain we have had of late. With many other events going on there was only 4 St Austell Triathletes there to take on the mantle, myself, Richard Duane, Stu Nichols and Mark Crowle.

The venue was Lux Park leisure centre Liskeard and so busy race pre was started and with the car park being right next to transition it did made things a little easier and helped to calm the pre race nerves. For us four setting up went ok but not for Chris Philips our fellow triathlete from St Austell whose back tyre decided to explode as he over inflated the tyre, such was the noise that competitors nearly went for cover in response to the bang.

The 400m swim was started and it was clear straight away that they were running behind the start times leading to quite lengthy delays. The bike route was surprising quite for a sunday which helped us all and with only two large hills on the route things did not seen to bad.

The 5k run was a loop from the leisure centre and then a double back with no hills to speak of so the racing snakes amongst us (stu) were able to put the foot down and have a quick one. So out of 124 entrants the scores on the doors were as follows:

Name Place Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
Stu Nichols 18 6.53 2.01 37.20 57.15 16.26 1.03:38
Darren Stephens 54 8.07 1.27 43.00 56.25 19.46 1.13:17
Mark Crowle 64 8.52 0.53 43.43 43.60 20.20 1.14:34
Richard Duane 71 7.05 1.11 44.18 1min 18 23.33 1.17:27

If Stu had not decided to put his gloves on during T1 then he would have gotten a top 10 place, I think there is a message in there somewhere for you Stu and Richard would have been a lot happier if the swim was, well longer and perhaps done instead of a run as well.

A good day was had by all and so until the next time.