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Penzance Sprint Triathlon 2012

By Matt Nicholas

10th April 2012

10th April marked an important occasion in my sporting life, it would be the day that I put months of preparation into a morning of swimming, cycling and running!

After a bleary eyed drive to Penzance, Stuart and I set our minds to realising how little time we had left to prepare our T1 and T2 zones before our swim start. Having done the race the previous year, Stuart seemed relatively calm about everything, being a tri-newbie I seemed to spend more time flapping and playing with my number belt than actually doing anything of much use. Enter Mike Crane, my hero! Mike helped me out by calming me down and sorting out my race belt whilst I laid out my cycling and running gear for T1 and T2.

The next thing I remember was standing at the poolside with Stuart, Mike, Lisa, and Garry, waiting for our numbers to be called. As Lisa had earlier described me as ‘looking absolutely terrified’ she gave some words of encouragement, as did Stuart, and Garry offered some advice about how to handle each stage. 5,4,3,2,1...go! I was starting the 400m swim, remembering as much as I could from Richard’s coaching over the past few months I resisted the urge to start racing the faster swimmer sharing my lane and get on with it at my own pace. After a fairly smooth T1 the 15.5 mile bike stage had begun (albeit in swimming shorts and a soggy cycling jersey!) As it was still quite early, the roads were very quiet and I felt rather professional zooming round the course, even meeting Marilyn halfway round!

After stomping my way through T2 in my cycling shoes, the run stage was the final straight in this sprint triathlon. After a tentative few steps (being cautious of ‘jelly legs’) I started trotting through the 4 miles that would take me to the end. Richard was there to support us, as well as taking snaps (he had also become an impromptu race marshal as some had not shown up). It was nice to see a familiar face after over an hour’s racing!

Fast forward to the awards ceremony, St Austell picked up silverware in the form of Lisa Player winning her age category and Stuart Nicholas for third male under 30! A great morning out, some of the most fun I’ve had racing, and something I plan to do again!