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Long Course Weekend Tenby

By Lisa Player

29th July 2014

Hi all - Garry has asked me to do a race report for the weekend, to all those who don't know me - be warned, I don't do short ....

Firstly a little background of how we came to be doing this event. At the beginning of the year I had decided to attempt Ironman Wales,. One broken finger, sprained ankle and bad attitude later, that idea was put on the back burner..

However in the build up to the main event, we had entered the Long Course Weekend. This consists of varying distances of swim, bike and run over 3 days in a beautiful Welsh town called Tenby. As the Ironman was no longer on the calender we had both decided to cut down our distances and just use it as a training weekend. So training consisted of me doing two 60 mile bike rides and a 3 miles run a week for the previous 3 weeks due to a sprained ankle while doing Meet Your Max and for Garry, one 60 mile bike ride and two/three 10 mile runs.

Then came the Friday, we went for a gentle cycle along the coast road and somewhere along the road, I lost my marbles and suggested we attempt the whole long course - that is 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run. Garry, never being one to disagree with me, sagely nodded his head and that was it, next thing we'd registered and were lining up at the swim start.

Not a great deal to say about the swim, we both had fliers, Garry pb'd by 15 minues (and didn't mind letting the whole beach know it) and me by 8. I'm pretty sure mine was faster than normal due to the inordinate amount of jelly fish in the water.

However the next day ........ now I'm not a great climber and this bike was seriously hilly! We started off pretty well until the 56 mile mark came and I suddenly realised we had 56 miles left and went to my 'dark place'. Garry, bless him, thinking he was helping, cheerfully shouted ' only 56 miles to go babe' at which point he very nearly entered his own 'dark place'.

The rest of the bike ride went reasonably well however except for the kindly yobs who had scattered tacks over the road and resulted in about 20 bikes, one ambulance and 2 support motor bikes puncturing. The rest of the population of Pembrokeshire though were out in force and cheering nearly as loudly as STARC supporters. We then reached a beautiful little coastal hamlet called 'Wiseman's Bridge which was quickly followed by what will forever be known as 'Bloody Fool's Hill' at 78 miles. This 'little bump' was to be cycled twice as well as its brother '16% and Rising at 105 miles.

The welcome back to Tenby was phenomenol as was the very large hot chocolate covered in whipped cream, marshmallows and flaked chocolate. Dinner however was mostly me, face down asleep in a bowl of lasagne.

So for the run, getting out of bed was not a happy prospect especially after little sleep and hearing the echos of the previous days cow bells all night.

The idea was that we'd start the run and see what happened, and start the run we did! After 3 miles of self doubt the metronome kicked in and we were in a rhythm. I have to say that I spent four and a half hours with someone who looked like my husband but couldn't possibly be as he never said a word practically all the way round. Apart from of course, when some poor unfortunate pointed a camera at him.

I don't know how we did it but up until 20+ miles we were still clocking just over 9 minute miles. At this stage we decided that walk/run would get us in in a decent enough time and that is what we did. The Tenby marathon has 2 stings in its tail, both again in the end stages. At the top of one of these stings was a wonderful family with ice lollies for the runners, never has an ice cream tasted so good!

The last 2 miles we had again started running and if you guys had seen our sprint finish you would have been proud. A combined weekend effort of 14 hours and 48 minutes each and the most fantastic medal I've had in my 22 years of racing.

Would we recommend it? Definitely! Will we be doing it again? Probably not - we have enjoyed our time spent with the ironman distance, two full distances, one relay and now one over three days but quite fancy a trip back to sanity.

Signing off as the ' Long Course Weekenders'

NB sending this one 2 weeks later and have already entered Challenge Weymouth 2015 which is? You’ve guessed it – another ironman 