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Wadebridge Triathlon

By Lisa Player

28th April 2015

Before I go into my normal race ‘drivel I’d like to say how great it was to see so many St Austell Triathletes at Wadebridge especially the three new ladies Melanie, Lesley and Liane and a new man Brett Jackson (who has already got Garry worried). On my count we had 12 competitors; too many to list individually but suffice to say we all did STARC proud. For results follow this link

So here we are 3 days out from the Wadebridge tri and my body is doing its normal ‘pre-race’ thing. 3 days out my body starts to shut down, 2 days out – my arms don’t work, 1 day out – my legs don’t work, race day – well as can be testified by many, my body wakes up but my brain doesn’t work.

Anyway race day dawns and Garry and I arrive at Wadebridge bright and early. We then proceed to go separate ways, Garry’s mouth always goes into overdrive pre race and I end wanting to push him in the pool and hold him under until the bubbles stop. This time however the last laugh is on him because here I am sat at the swimming pool next to the very lovable ‘but oh my God doesn’t she ever shut up’ Lesley Richardson. Come back Garry my ears need a rest!

In the pool and its one, two, three, four for 16 lengths. I finish in a time of 7.42, thank you Simon I appear to have targeted my inner swim aggression.

Out to transition and onto the bike (having made very sure I knew where it was). Halfway into the cycle and Garry passes me, but hang on a minute, he’s not pulling away!. I sit 10m behind him for a while and then put the gas on and pass him going uphill. Ok I knew he’d catch me again but the look on his face when as I sailed passed him was priceless!

Into transition and onto the run, by this time I’m in ‘metronome’ mode. I know I’m running fast and Garry is just ahead. I pass him just before we hit the Camel trail and its game on. Keeping a constant pace I finish in a time of 1.20.36.

I knew the competition was going to be stiff so I’m well chuffed to have won my age group and come 5th overall. My inner child was dancing and my outer adult? Well she cheered and hollered, kicked off her running shoes and joined in!

Lisa Player

So a fairly uneventful race by my standards but then that’s the abridged version.

The full version includes going round the third roundabout twice on the cycle, yeah I know I drove the course and knew we were headed for the showground – but there were just so many yellow arrows! And yes Mel, I know I’ve done the event twice before and the cycle route has been the same every year.

I also ‘forgot’ to mention setting the alarm off in the disabled toilet at Wadebridge Leisure Centre or dropping my trophy on the kitchen floor when I got home and smashing it to bits. Still, as I said before, on race day my body wakes up and my brain shuts down.

So my final message is to anyone that is tinkering with the idea of Spicing up their Lives’ with a tri. Talk to our new guys, from the smiles on their faces on Sunday I think they will convince you.

Wadebridge Triathlon Results (Excel Document)